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Klassenmanagement vanuit dialoog

Dialogue at school, class management, Socra class, coaching the teacher:It is our hope and dream that Dialogue will be taught and implemented at every level of education . Dialogue used in the classrooom is ideal to discuss difficult themes such as truancy, dropping out, bullying, drugs and alcohol, social media, and can promote problems solving, collaboration and development. Dialogue is also an important skill for citizenship education. In our fast changing society, it is especially important for young people to learn effectively express themselves. We developed a Socra class specifically for high schools. In this workshop students learn the skills to have a Dialogue.

We will be glad to organize Dialogue Projects in your school.


Since 2014, “People in Dialogue” has been training teachers in using Dialogue for class management with our program “Master Your Class.” This 4-day in house training is offered before the start of the school year. It equips teachers to manage student needs within a changing education system. Students need a stable environment where they can learn and remain positively involved. Dialogue skills help to create that. Dialogue enables new teachers and experienced teachers to address difficult issues within the classroom and provides opportunity for self development and growth.


For teachers who do not have the opportunity to participate in group training, or require further training, we provide one-on-one training and coaching.


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