Man in Dialogue

Member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue

An international not-for-profit charity dedicated to inspiring, acknowledging, supporting and developing Professional Dialogue

Dialogue in organizations, team development using Dialogue, personal coaching and guiding. We encourage Dialogue to be incorporated in every organization. We are proud to say that we have been witnessing and guiding a number of transformations in organizations that implement Dialogue. This was achieved by communicating with clients, training teams and managers, and through individual coaching. We developed the training: “Team Building Using Dialogue” to help groups of people who work together become a team of cooperating partners. There is a huge difference between a group of people and a team. A group does not have the conditions needed to form a close-knit team; that is, a team in which everybody knows where they stand, their roles and how conflicts are resolved. Within the team there is an atmosphere of confidence - all contributions are appreciated. Team members are encouraged to follow key process and are responsible for their individual development, as well as the development of the team. It's not surprising that groups of people tasked to work as self managing teams face difficulties with their new roles, tasks and responsibilities. The most important step to become a strong team has been skipped; that being, team first! The training “Team Building Using Dialogue” gives participants a different view about the aptitudes of other team members and encourages individual responsibility and communication skills. Participants are challenged to break through old patterns and make a new start. “People in Dialogue” uses Dialogue as a tool to include all group members in the shaping of a team building process and the training itself. Dialogue becomes an essential part of the team building project; each training shaped and tuned with the help of the team and company.


Often it is desirable, using Dialogue, to separately coach one or a portion of the team, to help them to recognize problems within the team, and to help develop an approach to manage the problems. When we meet with members of organizations, and after personal introductions, we work together to construct an inventory of challenges and responsibilities within the organization. Using this, we develop a questionnaire to encourage those who will be participating in the training to identify their views on the training, and what they think they need.


We develop the training based on the difficulties and challenges within your organization. The training fee is negotiable