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Joop Boukes

Workshops and lectures through the company 'Mens in Dialoog' are conducted by Joop Boukes, or, if needed, by peers who are part of his broad network. After completion of his Physical Education degree, Joop Boukes started his career as a sports instructor for the Dutch Armed Forces. He became more and more interested in other aspects of human behaviour: psychology, and socioloy, and read and examined work by writers such as David Bohm, Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung and Ken Wilber.

Subsequently, Joop enrolled at the SPSO, an academy for human sciences (Academie voor Integrale Menswetenschappen, Huis ter Heiden, The Netherlands). During this time, he began a career at a large health and home care centre for youth, and assisted in the scientific research of the effects of dialogue on young people's self esteem. Increasingly, the added value of dialogue became apparent, not only in health care, but also while dealing with municipal public sector, and education sector. Joop started conducting training in the use of dialogue for class management in schools. The training developed by Joop for the education sector, is now registered at the SKJ (Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd) and 'Registerleraar'. His more than two decades experience in the field, has resulted in a vast knowledge of Dialogue in Health Care. Several municipalities have requested Joop's guidance through various public events, to assist with the solving of problems regarding integration of youth at risk into the general community. Through in-house training with groups and individuals, by using Dialogue, Joop has also assisted public and private sector employers in finding solutions to communication problems within the work place.

In 2016, Joop Boukes and Kees Schilder wrote the book 'Zelfsturing of samensturing' ('Self Management or Group Management'), published by Boom, about dialogue in self managing teams.

Joop has been teaching at the SPSO since 2004 and lectures in: adolescent development, problems in adolescence and pathology, group dynamics and Dialogue.

In 2018, Joop was internationally recognized as a leader in the field of Dialogue, and was asked to become a member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue (